Job Experience

Owner of mmedal, LLCJune 2023 - Current

Making a variety of apps, games, and art.

Principal Software Engineer at brightwheelApril 2018 - June 2023 | 5 years

Started as the 4th backend engineer at sub-30 employees (now >500). Spent my first two years focused on developing many of brightwheel's core product features before shifting my primary focus over to infrastructure scaling, technical planning, and developer efficiency.

  • Designed/implemented many pieces of core product functionality such as brightwheel's messaging and enrollment platforms; working closely with leadership, product managers, designers, and other engineers.
  • Co-designed/implemented brightwheel's main billing product, paving the way for billions of dollars processed and major revenue growth.
  • Lead designer and contributor on many platform initiatives including our Heroku to AWS EKS migration, CI/CD, API Doc generation, rolling app deployments, gitops for all infrastructure, a centralized custom DAL for a multi-replica Postgres deployment, and much more!
  • Go-to on-call responder, responsible for diagnosing and resolving 100's of intricate site issues in app code, networking, database performance, and everything in-between.
  • Continually mentored 20+ engineers of all levels, educating and facilitating strong problem solving capabilities and influencing software/infra design and rollout principles.
  • Highlighted tech: Ruby on Rails, Postgres, Redis, Kubernetes, Flux, AWS, CircleCI

Senior Software Engineer at eBayMay 2013 - April 2018 | 5 years

Full stack engineer for eBay's storage team, developing scalable applications for management, automation, insight, and performance monitoring for all of eBay's production data.

  • As one of the most trafficked sites in the world, eBay deals in petabytes of data. I spent 5 years developing the core applications that power eBay's modern storage environment and empower its ops team.
  • Working on a dev team of 3, I built and maintained large-scale webapps, microservices, reactive frontends, job-processing backends, data-stores, etc.
  • Cloud services are great, but at the time, eBay's size means rolling many things by hand. This meant administering our own CI/CD, k8s deployment solutions, databases, monitoring platforms, etc.
  • Highlighted tech: nodejs, python, django, celery, react, graphite, docker, kubernetes, postgres.

Software Engineer at eBayMay 2012 - June 2013 | 1 year

Backend developer for eBay's QA team, developing automation and monitoring to empower QA system admins.

  • Developed a suite of tools for monitoring and reporting all of QA's SAN/NAS storage usage, allowing for better hardware purchase planning.
  • Developed a robust replacement for traditional SNMP/log-based monitoring for thousands of assets. Think in-house elastic search or logstash before they were cool (and then not cool).


Software Development

Strong experience in practical software development, developer workflows in team environments, platform engineering, and a solid foundation in critical thinking, algorithms, and data structures.

Technical Leadership & Systems Design

Proven track record leading the design and development of complex engineering initiatives and building/mentoring an engineering team from nothing.

Getting It Done

I learn and adapt skill sets as needed to solve practical business problems. My driving methodology is to provide iterative value through fully informed decision-making and keeping solutions as simple as possible.


Santa Clara UniversityClass of 2014 | Santa Clara, CA

Bachelor of Science, Computer Science